Our versatility enables us to assist clients by providing insight into a complex array of business challenges such as political risk advisory, intelligence-driven market research and reputational exposure.

CRI conducted a six-month long, intelligence-driven, market-mapping piece of strategy consulting for a global media company to help it understand the current market for one of its products, its key competitors and likely drivers for the market in the short and medium term. It identified and discreetly interviewed 50+ key players and delivered qualitative market research far beyond the client’s expectations.

Market research, intelligence-driven, strategy consulting - 2018

Strategic Intelligence

We provide high level, strategic intelligence that falls outside of the scope of a typical due diligence. This is often issue-driven and requires political risk analysis.

We have helped clients navigate evolving political and religious environments and can identify relevant actors that may impede or facilitate their growth.

Market Research

We offer market research from an intelligence gathering perspective which allows us to develop qualitatively rich findings that go deeper than a standard market research offering.