Due Diligence

Intelligence gathering is at the heart of everything we do. Our expert team is highly trained to identify, analyse and present information using the full suite of available open source intelligence gathering tools across multiple jurisdictions.

We leverage an extensive network of longstanding partners globally to undertake discreet enquiries on behalf of our clients.

Enhanced Due Diligence

We undertake complex, pre-transaction due diligence and information gathering for investors, fund managers, private equity and business partners seeking reassurance ahead of an engagement or transaction. This may include determining and verifying source of wealth, profiling the track record and reputation of senior management, obtaining and reviewing litigation, identifying hidden risks or analysing and contextualising potential ‘red flags’.

We take a bespoke approach to each project and will design a solution that specifically addresses your primary concerns. This can range from a comprehensive due diligence encompassing all publicly available material, or a targeted approach that seeks to mitigate or eliminate a known risk. We will work with you until you reach the required level of comfort to make an informed decision.

Risk and Compliance

We are the go-to consultancy for high volume, fast turnaround, enhanced due diligence in multiple markets including the US, Canada and across much of Europe.

We have significant experience working with investment banks, corporates and their advisers and are fully versed in KYC due diligence, EDD, IDD, and FCPA and UKBA driven regulations.

We assist in-house teams with regulatory-driven compliance often around IPOs and capital markets fundraising. Our pioneering business model enables us to rapidly allocate significant resources to undertake high volumes of enhanced due diligence, often at short notice, without compromising the quality and accuracy of our reports evidenced by our repeat business with blue chip clients.

Case Study

An energy company was approached by a high-profile individual with a lucrative opportunity to develop a concession. Our client wished to understand whether there were any reputational issues in the subject's career history, and keen to discover the terms of the subject's departure from a similar project.

We undertook comprehensive public record checks in three continents, including all available litigation, and identified previous colleagues and project funders to provide a complete history of the subject's track record alowing the client to move forward on an informed basis.
A British media company considering the acquisition of an independent production company commissioned a due diligence on its owners, management and reputation. CRI undertook enquiries with former executives, suppliers, commissioners, talent agencies and industry insiders providing a comprehensive review of the business and likely risk factors associated with an acquisition, complemented by a thorough public record review.
A US tech company required a due diligence on a Russian gaming company which it licensed to use its platform to understand the implication of the war in Ukraine on its activities and its legal exposure to sanctions. CRI provided an assessment and review of its likely exposure to sanctions alongside a due diligence which identified significant concerns within the company about the company’s management of the crisis.




Since 2022

CRI has undertaken over 25 complex, pre-transaction, due diligence projects leveraging source networks in a wide range of sectors and jurisdictions.

CRI has conducted due diligence prior to over 200 IPOs since 2021, typically requiring EDD on the subject company and its board of directors.


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