We bring the full breadth of our intelligence gathering capabilities to support our clients in the context of litigation and disputes, and undertake investigations focused on obtaining actionable intelligence providing leverage in negotiations and arbitration.

Litigation Support and Disputes

We work with legal advisers and in-house investigators to identify, verify and corroborate information in the context of litigation and disputes.

This includes obtaining evidence that can be used in court, identifying assets, mapping corporate structures, locating interested parties, surveillance, document retrieval and analysis and communications reviews.

We guide and inform our clients to enable them to formulate winning strategies.


We take a creative approach to investigations and information gathering but will only work within strict compliance of local laws and best practise guidelines.

We assess all available options for information gathering including surveillance and undercover operations.

We have significant experience conducting site visits and undertaking security assessments and travel widely in the service of our clients.

Asset Tracing

We help clients to pursue and recover misappropriated funds by identifying and mapping assets across the world.

We collect and analyse data to help track the movement of these assets, demonstrate their command and control, assess each asset for its attractiveness, and find pressure points to assist our clients in their pursuit of damages. We leverage our full suite of investigative tools and expertise in intelligence gathering to swiftly devise creative solutions that are likely to be effective and actionable.


We map complex corporate structures, onshore and off shore, to identify ownership and control of opaque business arrangements and work with forensic accountants to analyse money flows and suspicious transactions. Often conducted alongside asset-tracing and complex due diligence, we build persuasive, evidence-based arguments often as part of litigation or in the course of a dispute.

Case Study

A private equity company considering the acquisition of a retail asset believed the sellers were vastly inflating their sales figures. We devised a hybrid approach reviewing financial documents and company statements and conducted on-site monitoring and interviews with local stakeholders to determine the veracity of the information provided, affording our client significant leverage in its negotiating position.
An Argentinian subject convicted of bribery was suspected of concealing assets via a third party. We provided litigation support to a US-based client by conducting an in-depth review of both US and Argentinian public records in addition to undertaking a bespoke social media link analysis to identify the third party's assets globally and establish networks and patterns evidencing an ongoing relationship with the subject.
A client wishing to corroborate the track record of a potential fund manager requested an investigation of his track record and reputation in the sector. A review of available public records established a history of failed real estate transactions in Eastern Europe and Russia and employment tribunals in the UK, and a social media deep dive identified evidence of unhappy investors and serious reputational red flags.
A private client believed a money-manager was avoiding tax and hiding losses. CRI was tasked to map the subject’s businesses globally, revealing a sprawling web of onshore and offshore entities from Europe to the Caribbean, laying bare a deliberately opaque narrative which had disguised money transfers between family members and business partners.




Since 2021

CRI has conducted over 60 internal investigations including complex cross border, legally privileged cases on FCPA matters, procurement fraud, embezzlement, sexual harassment, racial and religious discrimination


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