We help clients mitigate ESG challenges and unlock new value to help builds towards a sustainable future.

We provide a range of consulting services to assist clients with a specific aspect of their ESG programme, help investigate issues of concern, probe the accuracy and transparency of subject companies’ disclosures and advise on best practice.

Due Diligence and Investigations

We help clients evaluate existing portfolio companies and potential subjects of acquisition to ensure they satisfy basic ESG criteria. This may include evaluating any of the following: supply chain relationships, adherence to labour laws, equal employment and fair pay, community engagement, climate change and greenhouse gas reduction strategies, energy use, waste reduction, corporate governance, ethical business practice and adherence to accounting transparency.

Similar to due diligence, we leverage public record resources combined with a broad network of partners on the ground to ensure subjects are true to their values and contractually compliant as third parties, and understand how they are viewed by local populations, officials and regulatory bodies.

Our assessments rank potential risk exposure according to these criteria and provide systematic recommendations to ensure short-term and longer-term ESG standards and compliance requirements are met.

Advisory Services

We also provide advisory services which allow our clients to design and implement effective ESG measures that conform to recognised frameworks.

We utilise the World Economic Forum’s Stakeholder Capitalism metrics to help clients monitor and evaluate their ESG performance while we help them to implement Sustainability Accounting Standards Board and Global Reporting Initiative standards into their operations. For investors, we assist them with applying the UN’s Principles for Responsible Investment to align their investment needs with society’s broader objectives.

We work with clients to develop, embed and stress test their own ESG policies to create strategies that are aligned with the clients’ corporate values and investment goals.

We advise clients around regulatory scrutiny and help them navigate an ever-changing regulatory landscape and assist around risk-mitigation strategies ahead of investment or in preparation for sell-side due diligence.

Case Study

An impact investor tasked CRI with a review of an agri-commodity trader’s supply chain inWest Africa to ensure it was compliant with ESG requirements. CRI interviewed local government officials, investors, competitors and activist NGOs to form a nuanced picture of its business practices.
CRI conducted an ESG-focused review of a Latin American copper producer seeking to understand what had led to protests around one of its mines and how the company resolved a labor dispute; and to determine its potential ongoing liabilities relating to a historic spill which polluted a major river.
An investment bank requested an ESG-focused review on a Scandinavian energy company. CRI reviewed significant, adverse media dating to the early 2000s on its operating subsidiary in East Africa which included substantial allegations of human rights abuses against its local workforce which ultimately led to criminal proceedings. In addition to analysing the outcome and status of the litigation, CRI reviewed the ESG measures implemented by the company in recent years and conducted local enquiries to determine whether their impact has been felt on the ground.





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