Intelligence. Insight. Investigations.

CRI is a Corporate Intelligence Consultancy
based in London.

CRI are as comfortable working with corporates as they are with suppliers, and second to none in their ability to piece together public records across jurisdictions to explain the reality behind complex structures.
— Head of Intelligence, Fortune 500 company


We are experts in the swift provision of reliable and accurate information, enabling our clients to make informed business decisions and mitigate reputational risks anywhere in the world.

We adopt a highly skilled and creative approach to open source intelligence gathering and are trusted as a partner for the provision of discreet, source-based enquiries. We provide bespoke intelligence reports tailored to the commercial concerns of a wide range of corporate clients.



For compliance driven due diligence and pre-transaction intelligence gathering, we undertake rigorous research and provide detailed analysis of individuals and companies.


For strategic intelligence gathering, political risk advisory and market research we advise clients wishing to probe deeper and add insight to the intelligence gathering process.


For litigation support and complex problem-solving we work closely alongside in-house investigators and legal advisors often in the context of disputes.